Tim and Athene from 'The 3 Daft Monkeys' gypsy, punk-folk band, stayed on-board the Rosemarie Houseboat during the formation of the band. They were writing and practicing the song 'Wonderful' at this time.

The Sons of Noel and Adrian

Tiffany and Jarvis were the last residents to live aboard the Rosemarie. They formed a band during this time called 'Thistletown', which often wrote and practiced onboard. Naming both a song and an album after the Rosemarie. When they moved off the boat in 2009, they formed another group called;The Rosemarie Band.

The Cornwall Fiddle Orchestra was started by Hudson Swan in 2007. Two of the Rosemarie's former occupants; Pandora James and Judy Anderson have both played as part of the orchestra. Both began playing the fiddle while living onboard the boat!
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Emily Jones
The Sons of Noel and Adrian, & Shoreline, played many times aboard the Rosemarie, as friends and guests of Tiffany & Jarvis. They produced an album from this time and have provided music for the film soundtrack.
Emily Jones is a well-loved singer and songwriter on the Cornish music scene. Her lyrics are quirky, original, and often humorous. She describes her songs as melodic pop with a hint of psychedelia, but her folk influence is undeniably strong and probably harps back to inspiration gained from her father Al Jones, a well known 1960s folk singer.

The Rosemarie was a home to many creative people and some of these above,
so I have tried to use music which was inspired by the boat in the film soundtrack.